The Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

...Did you know that 74% of office workers experience pain at their desk each week?!

Working in an office can cause serious musculoskeletal problems. Many of these pains and aches are related to the back. As recently as 2016, 38.5% of work-related musculoskeletal disorders come from the back. That’s a lot of back pain. Luckily, this problem can be resolved!

Our company, Egronomex, uses workplace assessments that improve a worker’s efficiency and comfortably. Gone are the days of feel unmotivated because or workplace issues. At Egronomex, we pinpoint the problems you are facing, and confront them with helpful solutions. Any problem you have, we can find a way to make better.

Workplace snags come in the form of musculoskeletal injuries, mental illnesses, and more. MSK problems are some of the biggest issues. They make up $15 billion in worker compensations every year. We have the solutions, though. At Egronomex, we help people through studies and injury prevention workshops. We fix back issues by slig

ht adjusting a chair, and moving your desk closer. We can tell you if you’re doing too much heavy-lifting, or if you’ve just got poor posture. All the answers are at our fingertips; we can help you. These are the benefits of ergonomic assessments, but they’re not all. We teach how to resolve workplace issues before they begin. The best way to solve a problem is to learn how to fix it; we’re teaching everyone just that on our site. In the future, big companies will learn to teach this same information to new employees.

Until they do, these are some tips to stay comfortable and safe at work: Employees should practice good posture and stay healthy at work. They should sit up straight and work diligently, and the we can help. These ideas can be reinforced through us! We can work to help you by educating you on workplace risk and help with strategies. It’s a our duty to make a positive working environment. The tools at work can reflect this newfound style, too. Fix your work related problems with us at Egronomex.

For those wishing for an ergonomics recommendation, you can take an online assessment through our website. Those who “don’t have a problem at work” could also benefit from this, as well. We provide online customers with recommendations that suit them and their office. The assessments we give are unique to our company. We give personalised ideas and solutions to each customer, so they can face their pain head on. There are problems in the workplace; ergonomex will find the solution.

Overall, we can make work a more comfortable, efficient workplace based on the ideas that come of the tests. Ergonomics can refer a boss to chairs that suit his employees, brand-new office equipment, or the simplicity of what kind of lights and temperature a person likes. These studies get to know people and commemorate their needs. With a little boost for change, all kinds of offices could increase productivity with ergonomics. Ergonomonex is doing just that.

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