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Have you ever sat at your work desk and thought “why does my back feel like this?”, “I constantly have a sore neck”, “why do I often get headaches?” or even, “why is my elbow starting to look like a tennis ball?!”.

Well, maybe we could have an answer to your problem. Here at Ergonomex, our professional, fully trained health care professionals can help with creating you a ergonomic computer desk. We provide workspace assessment, whether you’re at home or in the office. Our display screen equipment risk assessment can help adapt your work-space into a place of comfort whilst maintaining proper desk posture, helping you to improve your work productivity.

The world is faced with an unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, so most of us are now working from home. Making do with a dining table chair for prolonged hours throughout the day can have an effect on our physical and mental well-being therefore, the correct equipment and posture help avoid such issues.

Our creative ergonomic consultant can even look at ways of adapting yourself a ergonomic computer desk set up at minimal costs to you. So, if that brand new fancy work desk or chair does not fit your budget or your ideal ergonomic desk height is not possible, that is okay because we can 'think outside the box' to provide solutions to fit you. See below for package details.

We can provide personalised recommendations and advice on:

  • Posture correction

  • Equipment adjustment

  • Mental health at work

  • Techniques on managing back/neck and head aches

  • Desk exercises

We consider:

  • Any existing MSK conditions

  • Existing pains and aches caused by bad posture or working equipment

  • The type of job role you are carrying out and personalise according to your needs, considering disability or pregnancy.

  • How to the you work on a daily basis including daily commute, remote working or working from home

Our assessors are fully qualified therapists 

Our Packages:​


Send us a video or picture of your work desk station, answer a few questions for us and we will do the rest. You will then receive a personalised assessment report and exercises signed by a health care professional. The report will be sent back to you within 3 working days of submitting the form. Perfect for those that would like a report and recommendations on how they can adjust their work desk/environment for the comfort and avoid aches and pains, in particular for those that have had to change their work environment recently. Visit our 'book my slot' page to start now!

Wooden Desk

The process is quick and simple! No faff, no long HR process at work to get an assessment or no having to worry. We are here for you! Just simply fill out the form of your details, upload your pictures/videos (or book your live video assessment), answer us a few questions and you will receive a report of recommendations in no time.

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