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Occupational Therapist London

Ergonomex was produced and launched in 2020 by a passionate occupational therapist London, who discovered that times are changing and people are starting to work for prolonged hours more than ever before. With flexible work hours, office workers are starting to work from home frequently. However, they simply were not looking out for their physical mental well-being as well as health and safety, when using computers. It is quite easy to be wrapped up in your work and forget to do simple things. This is when we thought that office workers should have access to a quick, easy, affordable and simple way to work in comfort. Each and every desk should be assessed for health and saftey and that is exactly what we are here for.

Employee Health and Safety When Using Computers


Ergonomex is ran by trained and qualified healthcare professionals that are experienced in providing a desk and environmental work assessments and employee health and wellbeing. All of our assessors are HCPC registered.


Ergonomex strives to provide assessments to individuals to support them in improving their overall health and well-being, in particular work life


To be able to influence, educate and empower people to consider their health in every day life



  • To educate

  • To be personable

  • To value and respect